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Posted by: Admin

Posted on: 2020-11-13

Someone has rightly said – Gemstones are as effective as an umbrella in the Rain.

Umbrella does not stop the rain but it prevents you from getting wet.

One has to suffer the karma and destiny. If a tough time is destined to come, it will come. But gemstone may provide the shield and the strength to sail you through the tough times. And in fact it may turn the tide in your favour.

Also, You are destined to achieve some goals in life. But you may miss them because you lose your direction.

It is just like a treasure that is lying on the road that your walking on. But you could not see it and walk past because you are looking in the other direction.
Gemstone gives you that foresight. It gives you the direction. It brings to you what is meant for you. We call it luck.

Ever thought how someone’s life changed just because they were at the right place at the right time. This is Luck

There is a story of a very famous singer. There was a singer who used to sing every night in a small restaurant in a small town. One day a film director came to that restaurant because he was shooting nearby and that place was the only restaurant in the vicinity. The director hears him singing that day while having his dinner and offers him to sing for his movie. The singer agrees readily. Later on, That singer becomes an overnight sensation with his very first singing assignment and later becomes a singing legend.

Now imagine, if the director did not come there that day and at that time. The world would have never got to hear that singer and he would have continued to sing in that restaurant without any fame. This is called Luck, Just being at the Right place at the right time.

There might be many other talented singers who are putting their best efforts. But they are waiting to be discovered, they are waiting for that ‘Chance’. But they miss being in the right place at the right time.

If you still don’t believe in Destiny, close your eye for a moment and you must think about someone who has got more than they deserved or worked. It may be one of your college mate, your relative or may be a famous personality.

You definitely know few people who have destiny on their side and their ship is sailing just because luck favored them. People say everyone has their own journey. But to be realistic, some journeys are smooth and successful.

It is therefore wise to harness most out of your destiny. This is the moment when you must invite luck into your life.

What do gemstones do?

Our Life is governed by planets. Each event of our life, big or small, depends on the planetary movement & alignment. Planets decide our destiny. Life is a mix of destiny and Karma. Karma is your action, it is totally in our own control and it cannot be fixed later once done. While destiny is inherent and governed by planets. Gemstones represent these planets. In astrology, We have nine planets and nine corresponding gemstones. Gemstones have the power to align these planets for our benefits and bring luck in our life.